Purebred Shetland sheep are small, fine-boned and agile. Most ewes weigh between 35 and 50 kilogrammes, and rams 45 to 60 kilogrammes. Ewes are usually hornless, and the rams generally have beautiful spiral horns. Their tails are short and fluke shaped and do not require docking, and thus not as susceptible to fly strike as other breeds. Ewes tend to come into season in October/November, giving birth the following spring. Twins are most common. Triplets are not as common, but can occur.

Their calm, friendly and amenable temperament makes them easy to manage and ours sheep are all trained to come to the feed bucket. They are very personable and some often wag their tails – especially when being stroked or scratched under their chins. Most rams are safe and sometimes friendlier than ewes (although rams should always be treated with respect at all times). Their lean meat is tasty with higher omega three content to other sheep breeds, it is tender and naturally low in saturated fat. One further quality is their beautiful fine wool in a myriad of natural colours that made the Shetland woolen industry world-renowned.